Jeff Titterington Photography | About

I was an avid photographer in the 70's, with state of the art equipment and my own darkroom as my creative outlet. As a cash-starved college engineering student, I had to sell all my equipment in order to finish school. Then job and family took first position in my life. With an empty nest and things now settled-down, the bug has bitten me, once again.

Armed with the latest technology digital equipment and software, I am now happily engaging my visual world, every chance I get. I find that capturing life in pictures allows me to better appreciate the amazing beauty we are surrounded by - even in the most mundane of moments. Photography just seems to add another dimension, as well as acuity, to to my perceptive world.

I also do commercial-corporate photography and select event photography, as well as Photoshop re-touching/artistry, in addition to teaching photography & Photoshop classes.

Jeff Titterington

Tampa, Florida


Equipment Used:  Nikon D810, Sony A7RIII, A9 & Canon 5DSR.  Paul C. Buff Einstein studio flashes, Flashpoint EXPLOR 600TTL, AD200's, multiple off-camera Sony/Canon speed-lights, beauty-dishes, umbrellas and soft-boxes. Adobe Photoshop CC2018, Lightroom CC & Capture One Pro.