Mark Halek(non-registered)
Awe inspiring images worthy of exhibition in a museum of art
Will Hetzel(non-registered)
Your work rises to the level of art and is very creative. Enjoyed working with you at the last Help-Portrait. Keep up the amazing work.
James Gluckin(non-registered)
Hi Jeff, I just stopped by after clicking on your signature in one of the DP forums.

Your work is absolutely beautiful! Your postprocessing is exemplary! It's a genuine pleasure to slowly browse through your strikingly lovely photographs, and appreciate the exquisite attention to finishing detail.


Love revisiting all of your photos again and again! Almost like being in Rome, etc.
Edel Berman(non-registered)
Spectacular photography!
Stuart Stoops(non-registered)
A true Master of Light! Incredible images!
Phil Price(non-registered)
Some really fantastic work Jeff I really enjoyed looking at your portfolio.
robert bob lalas
Wow im so impress about your work its amazing.
Very impressive work Jeff, It is enjoyable to view your photographs
really impressive work, jeff! thanks for sharing.
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